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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are elusive and usually nocturnal and parasitic in nature, They hide in dark crevices, and the tiny adhesive eggs can be nestled by the hundreds in fabric seams. The whitish spots seen in infested area are their eggs and black spots are their excreta.

Bed bugs are travelling insect easily transfer from one place to another , their breeding rate is so high the female bed bug laid 200 to 300 eggs and the eggs get early maturity. Bed bugs can live for six months without feeding and suck the blood three time of its body weight.


This treatment involves a thorough inspection of the entire premises to be treated prior to the treatment to identify the breeding and hiding spots of bedbugs and study the area for executing the treatment. The success of the treatment depends on the coverage of maximum to all bedbug infested areas during the bedbug treatment.

Chemical Spray Treatment : Water based suitable residual insecticide spray to all the bedbug infested areas within the premises. All the folds and tufts of the mattresses, carpets, upholstery of chairs and sofas, hollow bed frames, cracks and crevices in the entire premises, the gaps in the photo frame, behind small openings in the wall paper, window and door frames of bedroom, gaps / cracks in the storage cabinets / wardrobes, behind wall colour peels and such other bedbug hiding places will be covered.

All the windows have to be closed prior to the treatment. After the treatment the entire premises have to be kept closed for minimum 2 hours to enable the insecticide to have its desired effect and then ventilated for one hour after the exposure period.