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House Fly- (Musca domestica)- House fly is a gray in color, 6 to 9 mm. in length, having spongy type of mouth parts. They laid eggs in moist decaying organic matter, particularly in manure and garbage. Each female lays batches of 100 to 150 eggs, over a 3 to 4 days period. If temperature is high eggs may hatch in 7.5 hours, otherwise it take 1 to 2 days for them to hatch. The Fly life passes through following stages- Egg, larva, Pupa and adult. Adult flies lives up to 2 weeks to 2.5 months The flies’ problem mainly occurring in rainy season. Excrement, garbage, sewage and places where decaying food material is accumulated serve as breeding ground for flies.

House Fly Management
1. External Premises: A band of 2 feet on the wall & floor from its junction on the external periphery of the structure will be sprayed using a suitable residual chemical. Door, window frames will also be sprayed from outside.

2. Garbage, Drains, Waste disposal areas, areas susceptible to fly infestation in the compound area will be sprayed.

3. Fly bait will be used to control flies outside and inside the premises.

4. Fly catching / killing machines should be installed inside the premises depending upon requirement and the location of installation. Care needs to be taken while installing these devices. Not to be installed on top of any production / packing machinery, but away from it and near the possibly entry points.

5. Air curtains should be installed by the client on the entry doors from the compound to the facility and also the doors leading to sensitive areas such as raw material storage, finished goods, and production.