Nuisance wildlife control

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Rodent Management

The rats have good sense of smell and touch designed for darkness as they are more active at night time. Seeing rats in day time indicates large number of rats is present in that location. Rats are suspicious by nature and do not trust anything known or different. The eyes of rats have large opening to see in dim light, however they depends on sense more than vision.Rats prefer to stay as close as possible to food and water; they travel to know territory taking the same trail over and over again. Rats are also very conscious, clever. There are so many types of rat species found all over world but in India following species are found commonly

The control measures depend on the nature of premises to be treated. However in general the treatment is carried out in the following manner:

1. External Areas: Rodent Poison Baiting in burrows, areas infested with rodents, areas favoring rodent infestation. Use of rodent bait stations wherever necessary.

2.Internal Areas: Rodent Poison Baiting will be done in non critical commercial, and industrial establishments whereas in critical industries Glue traps OR Snap Traps will be used to trap rodents in the internal areas of the premises. Use of rodent bait stations wherever necessary.

3.Rat Guard Fixing: Are the powder coated galvanized metal sheet fitted systematically over the pipes which avoid the rats to climb over the pipes and enter in to our property and can damage our valuable things and can contaminate food material.